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Heres what you should do. Pull him out of the public school system and place him in a more appropriate school setting. Expensive? Yes, but we all must make sacrifices for our children. To continue to send your child to a school were he is tormented by others is just cruel. And to justify it by saying "our child is entitled to, under federal law, a free and appropriate public education just like non-disabled peers" does not make it any better. The fact is that lots of little kids are mean to each other. From making fun of the fat kid or teasing the kid who smells funny..that has been going on since kids were invented. The best you can do is realize that your child is going to be a target for the many a-hole kids and try to protect him from that. Get him out of the public school system. Make the financial sacrifice. My child’s district school is terrible so we bit the bullet and sent him to a private school. It has made a lifestyle changing impact financially on our family but it is the right thing to do for our child. But maybe with all of our tax money you hope to receive in your bs settlement you will do that.


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