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More abuse in private schools

Many are suggesting that segregating disabled children to private schools would be preferable, but many things which seem as if they should work in theory do not work in practice. Private schools and segregated classrooms are statistically the most dangerous, even deadly for the disabled population according to the GAO and other reports of child injury and death due to institutional mistreatment. Private schools and classrooms are where most of the severe abuse takes place, most likely because 1) the number of silent witnesses among children, or 2) children whose testimony could be discredited due to serious diagnoses, and 3) the insular culture which forms in institutions that lack the "check and balance" of having the eyes of credible witnesses upon them.

Many private schools form cultures unto themselves where ethical and humane boundaries gradually erode. Many sociological studies have been done on this issue and the findings are universal: without oversight and in an environment where authority conveys and justifies flexible ethics, the majority of people may quickly become capable of atrocity.

Some private schools are very good but this is actually much rarer than it should be. Of the thousands of deaths of the disabled due to institutional abuse, the majority have occurred in private schools, segregated classrooms and institutions. The only answers to this are to federally ban certain procedures outright, maintain vigorous enforcement against abusive practices including a simple process of recourse for complaints, integrate children as policy unless medical conditions make this unhealthy for the child and put cameras in every school and on school transportation with cell phone access for parents. This way everyone is kept honest and both staff and students are protected from spurious allegations.

Only in an environment of zero abuse would it even be possible to take data on the overall behavior profiles of the disabled child population. Abuse is so rampant in schools and so clearly capable of escalating behavior problems among children that there's a chicken and egg issue in determining how much of a "problem" integrating disabled children really presents.


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