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ILM Native, I am wondering

ILM Native,
I am wondering if your comment is for real. I feel very sorry for you that you should judge a child and their parents so harshly. I do not think it is all about my child. But if your "neuro typical" child or non-disabled child was left behind from a school function or field trip on a regular basis and the school gave you a reason such as "Johnny just doesn't behave well outside of the classroom setting" (for example),"so we decided he can't attend these events." wouldn't you make it YOUR business ? Wouldn't you work with your child, his teacher, and the school to find a way to make it work? Or would you just say, "yeah, you're right, he's too much to handle outside the classroom. Go head and leave him behind.". Because it seems like that's what you're saying. And I'd like to think that you would care about your child more than that. And you would keep working towards a solution until you found one. And if you had to file a complaint because you'd tried everything imaginable, you'd probably do that, too.


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