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Specifically A: the child is

Specifically A: the child is not retarded. He has autism, B. He is Not a behavior problem either. He is a loving boy. C. The reason the boys parents filed this complaint was because the school who, by all accounts had an autism program @ roland Grise did not include this child in specific events. These events include but are not limited to: A teacher decideds it is not necessary to send a science & social studies book home becasue they have "decided" what the kid could learn even though @ previous school & current school he is fully functioning inside of the classroom in the general ed curriculam and yes that includes a book! He may need assistive technologies to access other parts, but is able to do the work just like your "typical" kid. This child IS NOT a "behavior" problem in school so let us take that off of the table right up front. Another thing was this child was not given the same oppritiunites to participate in Feild Trips, excluded fro sceince fair & a culture project just becasue the staff was either too lazy to have him do so, or because they just didn't care either way still is wrong

Put yourself in the childs place..lets say your "normal" child came home and said the teacher will not let me go on a feild trip, or have a book, or what have you...wouldn't you be mad too? after all this is what this family has been saying, and this child deserves an education...

whoever said that these children are always a disruption & shouldnt be in school...let me say knowing autism and knowing this child..behavior is not an issue...I don't know what TV shows you have been watching, but not all kids who have autism are "retarded", a disruption, or a "behavior problem" these statements leave sterotypical behaviors to autisitc children.

Many of us pass kids with autism on a daily baisis and you don't know who they are becasue they act and seem just like your typical kid...

Kudos to the family for filing this office of civil rights complaint..for those of you who don't know...this is not a suit in court this is investigated by the federal government who ensure that schools who get funding for providing the services to the kids with a disibilty does so under the law. These parents are trying to make a change for their child & other children.

Just FYI: Kids with disabilities are allowed to play football, and other extra curricular activites just like your "Normal" children...

Just because these kids don't think like you don't make them just makes them special..special enough to think out side of the box..after all many of the greats in life had disabilities & changed the a google search for infulental people who have/had will be amazed..ignorance is the biggest disability I see that has a cure....


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