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Blaming the parents

Since, the child is not capable of having a rational thought or the inability to render a conscious decision for him or her self by law, who exactly is to blame for the actions of said child or involving said child? The parents or his or her legal guardian.

So, once again, we inconvience the masses to satisfy the wants of an individual. Clearly, there is a I in team somewhere. Team is rhetocial for society, in case anyone needed it spelled out.

I do have one question for the parents that are just looking out for the interest of their kid...

Since their belief is that they are looking out for the well being and want what is in the best interest of their child, why the anoynmity? I mean, if they or you really believe in the rhetoric your or they are spouting, why not put a name and face behind your ideals so we know you are truly committed, and not just looking for ten minutes in the spotlight? Show the rest of the world you got some moxy behind you and not just libelous accusations. Be the example for others to follow in your fight against all the injustices of the world against special needs children.

Unlike most, I never thought about having kids as a solution to a failing relationship. I never thought having a child as a tax break. I looked at having kids as a life long commitment and a responsibility that is and should be weighed considerably when having those kinds of ideas or thoughts bouncing around. Oh yeah, you don't have to be a parent to know the difference between right and wrong.


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