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ya'll can complain all you want

the City Council and Mayor for life Saffo and the rest of the Dumbocrats on the council will continue to do what they want because the freeloading, no taxpaying, welfare and WIC check receivers from Creekwood and other projects will continue to vote these idiots into office (who I might add wont go to any baseball games because the hoodrats only like the gangster ball aka basketball) who will do what they want (well except to continue to try and swallow the rest of NHC when the Legislature finally put a stop to that). Although I have to say it again maybe forced annexation is the only way to stop the council. If the council continues to swallow the county eventually the republicans might have a strong enough voice and enough voters to stop the madness in the city till then good luck stopping Saffo and Company because it just isnt going to happen. I was happy to get outta of the city because everytime I turned around my water/trash rates were rising as fast as CFPUA could raise them (never seen a utility pass rate hikes so fast that the rates were rising nearly bi monthly). As the Jack Nicholson so politely put it as the Joker in the orginal Batman movie with Keaton.. "This town needs an enema" and that couldnt be closer to the truth when it comes to Saffo and the rest of the Dumbocrat spend and tax liberals on the city council.

I wish the Republican candidates luck in the election this fall but dont give them a snowballs chance in hell of winning any seats sadly.


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