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You must be easily manipulated...

...because Ol' Hairspray Saffo himself has basically said, "Hey does anyone want their taxes increased to fund our new baseball stadium?" There has been zero discussion about a "fully investor funded" stadium. Ya know why? Because smart investors aren't stupid and taxpayers have no choice! There is no possible way that an investor would turn away from a profitable venture and they simply do not see that with the stadium and marina. NH county is out of this deal and have flat out said so. Saffo knows that to get rid of that land for the two white elephants, he will have to burden the taxpayers to do it, because it can't make a profit or support itself. Do you even have a clue as to how many nice marinas exist that are barely half full? Would you have a clue as to why someone would even want to keep a nice white yacht in the swill water of the Cape Fear River to watch it turn orange. Look at all of the empty slips that already exist downtown and obeserve the quality of the boats that DO occupy slips. YEEEEEECCCCHHHHH!

Sorry Kilroy, the poll speaks for itself and there will be more. At least it provides the citizens with information and gets them to think about what is really getting ready to happen. You wouldn't happen to own or be involved with the sale of any of that riverfront property would you?


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