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Martha I could buy off on your notion, however, I find it rather difficult to believe that the governing bodies of both the city and county actually have anyone's well being in mind, other than their own or whether or not they will get re-elected.

What I do find provocative, is that the first arriving company on the fire on Indian Trail, was a city company, not a county one. Now, I am all about in the best interest of the people, but can anyone explain how a city company beats in a county engine to a fire that is right around the corner from the fire station? Can anyone explain why the fore fathers of New Hanover County and the City of Wilmington failed with their lack of planning for growth and their oversight on effectively managing infrastructure resources? Can anyone explain why the deputy chief of operations was on scene of a house fire other than he can? Never see that in New York, Chicago, Miami Dade or LAFD.

The answer is they can't. They can't give the tax payer, you know, the ones that they are supposed to be representing and lobbying for, an answer that will suffice. They are the ones we elect into office to manage our infrastructure so that, heaven forbid we ever need them, their response will be seemless, efficent and effective.

Instead, they would rather have Fire Chiefs, who have never fought fire anywhere in their career, educated with college degrees, leading the fire services in our great locale. They would honestly have you believe that a 26 year old was qualified to be a battalion chief. They even would want you to believe that a female, with a college degree in marine biology, who spent one day as a lieutenant, 3 years as a captain, a few years as a battalion chief with a lateral transfer to work as their "GIS" battalion chief, is and was qualified to lead firefighters anywhere near a fire or on an emergency response.

Education is just fine. But a culmination of education and experience is the key for sucess. A college degree in marine biology is fine if I want to work in sea world. Completely in applicable in fire fighting, anywhere on this planet. I think the gentleman's intentions were of nobility and character, however, I think it prays upon those that are too stupid to recognize a good thing or too prideful to change.


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