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seriously! what kind of

seriously! what kind of judgmental idiot are you?!?!?!?! the mother worked 3rd shift. if you would read all reports on this case even you could figure that out. i hope to god you never have to one: lose a child and two: be put in a position where scrutiny and false assumptions are placed upon you. this mother is a wonderful person who spoke of how much she loved her son daily. of course, you don't want to hear that. you just want to remain busy making false accusations that you have absolutely no clue as to if they are true or not. that equals ignorance. this mother worked hard! she was at work when all this happened to her baby. the horrible things all of you are saying about her pales in comparison to the personal hell i'm sure she puts her own self through daily. you are being ugly and god does not like ugly! of course, keep up with what you're doing and i am sure you will figure that out in your own way. god will make sure...


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