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I have known Montey for years now and I knew his kids. He would NEVER intentionally hurt ANY child like that. Whatever happened was 99.9999999% out of his control. Nobody will ever know what REALLY happened to the boy, but nobody needs to speculate and throw blame around. In the report it said he left the hospital "Punching walls on his way out" obviousely showing that he was severely sad/angry at the whole situation. The report also says he walked out, NOT RUN. He wasn't trying to run away, he was simply leaving thinking he did all he could do at the moment seeing as he just handed the child over at the hospital. MONTEY MURRAY is a good man and doesn't deserve all this negative criticism. If you don't know him personally, don't talk dirty about him. I would bet my life that he is not to blame for the death of this child.


PS.-- Just because he has past charges doesn't mean anything. HE DID HIS TIME FOR THAT! YEARS AND YEARS! That's in the past, so forget it. He's truly and honestly a great, loving, and kind man.


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