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Common Sense

You may know him, but you must have common sense also. A child is DEAD! regardless of how long you have known him, there was only TWO people in that house.. TWO!!! & common sense tells you that for a child to have over 40 bruises on his body from head to toe & be of his age & size, there is no way he didnt scream his head off.. & unless they live in a mansion, how is it possible that all of that went on without either men hearing what was happening.. Even if Montey wasnt the one who laid his hands on this child, is it honestly reasonable to say that he didnt hear anything! His story of just sleeping through everything doesnt make sense... Those who support him are just ridiculous, because regardless of what, this child suffered horrendously in the time before his death, And for Montey to say that he woke up and saw bruises on his stomach & then went back to sleep, makes no sense at all! NONE! The fact that he got out of bed, means that he wasn't in a DEEP sleep, which common sense would tell you that there is no way he couldn't have heard the abuse this little boy suffered.. Not to mention running away from the police, if he really had awakened to the little boy on the floor, he would have never fled the way he did.. A guilty dog will bark.. BOTH men should be charged with CAPITAL MURDER, because the same goes with the Jessie Holt, there is no way he slept through all the abuse this little boy suffered.. NO WAY!! I have a 4 year old, & I know the loudness of their voice, Someone heard him scream!! Right is right & wrong is wrong. This child is DEAD! I hope those responsible suffer the worst punishment, the law allows! not to mention the punishment they will suffer from GOD!!


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