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Semper Fi

I encourage you to read the report attached to the story. The LT did indeed report the incident immediately and despite being discouraged by command officials had the courage to request a rape kit....and guess what?! The rape kit was "lost"!

I respect your time in service, but really your comment is reflective of pervasive culture norms that make it so difficult to come forward when sexually assaulted. Automatically your response was to focus on her drinking and how she reported it. (The immediate response was to put blame on must have been something she did--or didn't do.)

Keep in mind that she was right out of Basic and went right to 8th & I. Any junior Marine (officer or enlisted) is going to jump at "A simple mention of "The CO desires"-to use your words-to include drinking with your seniors. Think back to when you were a junior Marine...and if you chose not to drink with your senior leaders at a mess night, boss's night, wet down, etc. I'm talking--the boot days. No, I'm sure she wasn't forced, but you and I both know her decision to not drink would have resulted in even more criticism-since it was "The CO's desires." I mean...We work hard, we play hard, right?

By the way, it WAS her CO who raped her..??? Then again, maybe she was forced to drink.

I truely commend you for your closing if only the Commands would "realize that all loyalty and allegiance ends the minute the other Marine touches you against your will."

Semper Fidelis-


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