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Go Danielle! We support You!!

I am in total support of this ban and so are many others. Unfortunately, many smokers feel that they can just drop their butts anywhere and those of us that do not smoke, suffer for this. I am not against someone having the freedom to smoke, but for those that do to be respectful and not dispose of their butts at the beach or any other public place for that matter. Is that too much to ask? We wouldn't be at this point if people were doing the right thing in the first place. I applaud Danielle for having the courage to come forward and address this issue. I personally do not think that it is that someone has too much time on their hands, but rather that she is doing a great service to our community and the environment not to mention that she is being an exceptional role model to her children. Instead of attacking this mom, how about you offer a positive solution to this big problem. The beach is not an ashtray and should not be treated as one.


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