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Keep it up, Danielle!

I'm a resident of Sarasota County, Florida. Here, our beaches have a smoking ban. Our beaches are considered part of the county park system. Here in Sarasota, you don't get to smoke in our parks (praise be)! Parks are family places. Sarasota stood up and said people exercising in parks, playing and enjoying these great places shouldn't be smoked out by 2nd hand smoke. Our beaches are Blue Wave beaches and one beach is the #1 beach in the country. Smoke-free is also beautiful and drives tourism too!

Like Danielle, I pick up trash on my local beaches... I too must have too much time on my hands, according to some previous thread posters! I regularly walk the beaches for exercise. As I see trash laying on the beach, left by careless people I can't consider stepping over it and walking on. I term myself as an environmentalist. I hate to see the beautiful beaches I love trashed. Further, I am well aware of the detriment of trash on sea life. As there are aquarium hospitals nearby, it has been shown in necropsies of sea turtles and many other animals that there is trash and plastics found in their bellies from the carelessness of litter bugs. Butts get in there too.

Considering the toxins in the filters such as nickel, cadmium, lead and arsenic, in the filters, how can people not be bothered? Who knowingly wants to have a kid build a sand castle with those deposited in the sand?

So, I stand with Danielle Richardet and her family who believe that living in this world isn't about just taking, it is giving, too. There's a term for beings that just take... parasites. Fortunately, there are people in the world who want a CLEAN, SAFE, HEALTHY environment for themselves, their children, the animals and future generations. If that's what it means, having too much time on your hands, I am proudly with them!


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