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Litter Prevention

Any smoker has the right to smoke. People do not have the "right" to trash public beaches. Ban smoking on the beach strand goes far in protecting the 'rights' of others enjoyment of a clean beach. Sadly, many thoughtless smoking peers trash the beach for everybody. I would kindly suggest the smokers police their own if you do not like a ban possibility. If smokers keep trashing the beach, a smoking ban will eventually be implemented.---has been in 126+ beach communities with tremendous success. Just a matter of time~
Next on the agenda is the:
"Wrightsville Beach Board of Alderman Litter Pick Up Day"
------>join the wrightsville beach board of alderman in their efforts to help Danielle Richardet and Family and Friends continue efforts to continue towards 100,000+ butt litter bottled up for display. Since 3 of the wrighstville beach board of alderman think a smoking ban limits individual freedoms it's time for them to see the results of their decisions. More butt litter trashing the beach for everyone. Sad.


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