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We need more helpful citizens

I think it is wonderful and extrememly honorable that a independent citizen would go out and help to clean up the trash and waste left behind by other people. Unfortunately the problem is much bigger then a few people going out to clean up. I don't believe a ban on smoking is so out of the question given the fact that smokers don't have the moral desency to clean up after themselves.
To the gentlemen who thinks we should ban drinking on the beach if 40,000 soda cans are picked up. I say yes. If in 20 minutes a few people could pick up 425 soda cans in one area I would hope something was going to be done. That is enough soda cans to fill the bed of a pick up truck. It would turn the beach into one of those ball pits kids play in.
Just because cigeratte butts are small doesn't mean they should be over looked they are toxic and ugly.


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