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I don't care what the statistics say, I think more people smoke now than ever !! If you stop and look in parking lots, cars driving around,at stoplights, outside buildings and restaurants, etc. just look around, almost everybody smokes!!! It's worse than ever before. Do people realize that it's a life-long addiction? When you light up that first cigarette make sure you are willing to dedicate your ENTIRE life to at least ten dollars minimum a day to pay for cigarettes and thousands of dollars in health care when you get older. Realize that you will smell disgustingly horrible including your hair, clothing, car, house, etc. for the rest of your life. You will have bad breath forever.You will have to give up sports and most exercises for the rest of your life. You will have to live in a single story house. you will not be able to quit. It's an ADDICTION made by the companies that make cigarettes. Just know this kids !! and Believe it !!


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