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smoking vs littering

I agree with you about cigarette butts. Why is it that most smokers don't think of butts as litter? All the smokers I know have no problem flicking a butt out their window while driving, but would never think of tossing out an empty cigarette pack - they'd see that as litter, but don't see butts the same way. I do realize there are some people who save their butts to properly dispose of them... kudos to those folks.

Cooking out the other evening, a buddy of mine who smokes was giving another friend there a hard time for not recycling.
Non-Recycler - "That's funny, cause you're one of the biggest litterers I know."
Smoker - "What? I never litter."
Non-Recycler - "How many cigarette butts do you flick out your car window every day? You think they just disappear?"
Smoker - "Man... I guess you're right."

At the same time, I don't like the government encroaching more and more on legal things people choose to do. This isn't a smoking problem, it is a littering problem. I don't know what the solution is... really, need to get more people who smoke to realize that flicking out a cigarette butt is just as bad as littering a styrofoam cup.


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