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who are you? You dont know

who are you? You dont know Latisha! she has never been involved in anything like this but chk your other sources,,, because if you really knew her you wouldnt....i gu=est latisha is the only one you know huh? she's been through a lot also but never evr known for anything should be ashamed of your self who ever you are!!!!!! if you knew her wouldnt lie online and never call any other names...for all we know you could apart of that system willing to convict an innocent young women or representing the persons that involved her in this mess. the only thing she's guilty of is getting in a car with folk that she had know clue (what they were doing) talk to the lawyers anfd get that facts straight !! this girl is not in involved and not apart of everything the police and prosecutors probably already have evidence on...if they bust them why was she such a surprise...Dont worry she has a lot of people praying for her and believing God for her vendication because she is innocent...and that will be her testamony when this is over with..becare who's car you enter and becareful of the people brought around you...they look for the ones that are green to the things they are accustomed to.


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