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Either you can't read or have poor comprehension

Common, Guesty, SCT and myself have spent many a writing trying to explain to cowardly Marine bashers such as yourself that continue to rag on Pantanos past with your "factless and opinionized" version of his service. No matter how many hard and accurate facts are supplied, you incessantly want to convince everyone he is a murderer. If you hate him because he is from NY, that is you right. If you hate him because he worked on Wall St. , that's your right as well. But Pantano bravely served our country in 3 active tours of duty and if you hate him for that, it makes you a coward, a traitor and a sympathyzer for the enemy. You likely clapped and screamed "allah!" when you viewed the photos of OUR ambushed troops, their burned their bodies hung from bridgework and drug through the streets didn't you? So you love the Iraqi's so much that you demean your own American soldiers that protect YOUR freedoms? You mentioned that a POS is always a POS. You sir...painted a self portrait with that statement!!!


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