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Foreclosure Rates on the Rise?

How can this be?
It cannot be happening?!
We've been hearing from "Other" Local Competing news sources that:
1: High-end homes are selling again like it's 2006/07 again.

2: That Home Prices are NOT falling, but; going UP again.

3: There's *Plenty* of New Home Construction(s)/Permit(s) application(s).

4: Wilmington is a "Nich" Market, thus; we are "Immune" to what's happening Nationwide, Due to Our beaches/Colleges/Retirement Angle(s).
5: We got "nice" Weather, in other words, Northerner's,(No Offense to you Folks), are "buying" homes left & right.
6: CR, (Commerical Real-Estate), market is ok, with SF(square footage), Prices going UP.
7: Of course We have JOBS! Also!

Mean-while, Ignoring the facts,
1: This Story that I'm commenting on.
2:More layoff(s) are happening, using (Invista),as a recent example...
3: Several Major Employers have closed thier doors, or Laid-off many employees .
4: The City/County Goverments are both in Large Budget Shortfalls by millions.
5: Tax revenues are falling short of goals..
6: Infrastructure, Sewer/Water/Roads are in Dire need of Maintance & Repair
7: We have a growing "Homeless" Problem.. Wonder if it's related to "Forclosure(s)?
8: Crime is up drastically.
(I could go on, but.... the "list" would be very long...)
When Will Our Politicians, err, I mean Developers & Realtors posing as Politicans, begin to see the Math,and Facts, Mean-While telling the voters the Truth? Thus; beginning Taking action on the "Fact"(s)?

**Correct answer for 200 Alex.... What is *NEVER*?**

So As *THEY*, the afore-mentioned above, will keep smoking the "Hope-ium", While trying to sell/or say to the voting Public,You; the Dear Reader, Let's *Temporarily*, sell more bonds, putting the City/County into MORE & Deeper DEBT, Raise Property Taxes higher, (abit temporarily), to build a Convention center, and a Base-Ball Stadium! Build'em! They WILL come! Even, Maybe, just Maybe, buying homes, stopping the Fore-closure Crisis! Then They, (The errr, Politicians), can then focus on building that new bridge to,,,, NO-WHERE! (just kidding there).... Then focus on building a HUGE MEGA-PORT in South-Port! Though Wilmington City Council may have a'lil trouble annexing that area...
The Hits just keep on coming! Party like it's 1999!


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