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We are becoming a charity country

Someone must stop this. This is sprialing out of control. Could you imagine if you got a statement that told you where your money actually went? I bet they could not even provide it at this point!

Cars for the carless, homes for the homeless, these are all really nice acts of CHARITY. If people want to contribute to services like this for others they should have the right to do so or not. I am disgusted to think how much tax money is being squandered for services that I have to pay for that I will never see any benefit from.

A rule should be made that the government must reduce itself by 25% each year for 3 years. At the end of 3 years I guarantee we will still be f#$%^& up but at least it will start to put things in perspective. It is udderly out of control. I really want to move to another country...I just haven't figured out which one yet!


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