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What a difference an election can make

- The crazy road diet debacle is finally coming to an end. What a disaster. A classic example of a town/city council being too stubborn to listen to its taxpayers protestations.
- Since the last election, the new council is also beginning to re-structure the debt incurred with all of the pie-in-the-sky real estate purchases that were made for a mythical, if we build it they will come, aquarium project.
- Among other reductions in spending, the cost of the town's legal services is now being reduced. Something the old council adamantly refused to do.
- And because they're no longer spending town money like a drunken sailor on shore leave, they've decided not to squeeze the last possible drop of revenue out of the Freeman Park passes by raising those rates yet once again. Sooner or later, the old council would have killed off that golden goose as well.

If those kind of positive changes can occur in a small town like Carolina Beach, just imagine the kind of positive changes that could occur in a larger town if the voters finally woke up and smelled the possibilities. Like, for instance, a larger town a couple of miles up the river.


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