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I don't see how anybody

I don't see how anybody "judged" anyone else's needs here? In fact, if something was "judged", it was that as women we're more responsible and smarter than some people give us credit for and know how to either abstain when it is prudent, obtain birth control when necessary the same way we obtain anything else we want or need or finally to deal with the consequences when we don't. Thank you for your confidence commissioners!

Thank you for not encouraging us to drop our guards against real health threats and rely on some random method of birth control (the IUD) which only prevents pregnancy but does not protect against serious health concerns such as AIDs, Hepatitis, Human Papilloma Virus, and other STDS which are serious health threats. Let's not let undereducated and low-income women think they are getting health care when they are being led down a garden path of disastrous risks by people with a political agenda.

Thanks you for understanding that in addition to risk of transmission of disease, that IUDs also put women at greater risk of menstrual difficulties,uterine perforation which requires surgery to correct,increased risk of ectopic pregnancy which can cause death, increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease which leads to CANCER, etc. They are not a guarantee (about 20% of IUDs are expelled and most without the knowledge of the user leading to unintended pregnancy) of prevention of pregnancy and have their own health concerns.

Leave Health Care to the medical community and let commissionsers stay out of it.


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