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can someone please explain

to me why it is, in a country that was founded on SEPARATION of CHURCH and STATE, where we fight to have the freedom to live our life being able to make choices that best suit ourselves, politicians believe that they have the right to force their religous beliefs down our throats, make decions based on what their god tells them, and make legislation from what a book says. It's great the the commissioners have moral values and believe in god, but they weren't elected as preachers and moral compasses, it is their duty as an elected official to do what's best for society as a whole. We all follow different levels and brands of religion, have different moral compasses, and live our lives as we see fit. So for Mr Catlin to say he voted against this because he doesn't believe in pre-marital sex, is wrong for so many reasons (and I'm pretty sure Mr Berger does not have the same moral belief). First being, not all of this money would be spent on single women, what about the married women who request help with this matter. Seems to me, what's best for society as a whole, is to receive this grant money (it's not NHC tax dollars, point 2) to keep these women who can't afford birth control, from having babies that they don't want and can't afford. The alternative being, that instead of providing birth control, these women would end up having kids that the rest of society will spend more money in the long run, taking care of and spending more tax dollars for health care and food. Even more dispicable then the fact that they can't seem to remember separation of church and state, is the fact that they apparently didn't bother to do any research, investigating, or opinion gathering BEFORE they voted against it. And now they look like total idiots, because they are going to change their minds. To all politicians, stop trying to force your religous beliefs on the rest of us, and do your job as an elected official, and make decisions base on common sense and what's good for society as a whole, not based on hiding behind your religion because you have no spine to stand up and to the job you were elected to do.


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