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True that! Thus....

Read comments that include "keep HER legs shut" on the other blog about the initial vote. What kind of degrading sexist remark is that? Disgusting remarks by a bunch of old men that can't stand the thought that perhaps, and I do mean PERHAPS, a tenth of a penny of their tax dollar went to helping women who truly want NEED help in preventing pregnancy. It's $9,000 freakin' dollars, people. That isn't anything! They are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to study a ball park in Wilmington, but don't let one tenth of a penny go to WOMEN (God forbid) that must be sluts and can't "keep their legs shut".

You "Tim the Tool Men" out there, flexing your almighty mouth muscles. Sheesh. Gotta have something to target, might as well be us! I bet NOT many of you, if truth be told, were abstinent when dating your spouse, if you still have one, or in your youth. Fun for you to sit around and post all day about how trashy us women are that may need birth control that you may have to pay for it. Oh, but promote the Big D and take your V and the world is a happier place for you isn't it! See the conflict here in thinking?

About the "out of pocket"...not everyone out there has health insurance (which by the way helps pay for Viagra)...and not everyone out there can afford the choice to eat or buy BC...which by the way also does have health benefits for women, like regulating cycles etc. If we can help put IUDs in 10 women in this community that seek help in "Planned Parenthood", I think it speaks volumes about the fact that we care about more than baseball diamonds and convention buildings...we care about people.

Oh well, since it seems to always be a "man's world", Batter Up!


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