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I'm pretty sure you can go

I'm pretty sure you can go out and have sex with anyone you darn well please without the consent of the New Hanover County Commissioner so I don't see they are forcing anything down your throat. I'm also pretty sure you have access to free or low cost birth control if you wish to prevent pregnancy while doing so. It may not be the EXACT thing you want, but when you get things for FREE you don't get to choose what you want but what is reasonable in the minds of those governing to provide. You don't get to go to private school because you'd rather have that than public school. You don't get a ride in a limo instead of taking the subsidized bus because the bus is on their schedule and not yours. They've simply put their foot down and stated that they've already given at the office. The recipients can't even be bothered to be grateful enough to use it so why are you going to throw even MORE money at people who don't even use what you already provide?

Your life has not been changed one bit. Stop with the drama.


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