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Mr WilMan, Your

Mr WilMan,
Your ignorance as well as a lot of people commenting on this board and other places is infuriating. IUD's, Birthcontrol pills, and other medicines are used for multiple things other than contraception. For instance I have a medical issue where I need to take birth control pills, it is my treatment. I have been on 'the pill' since I was 11 years old. I will probably never have children and at 11 years old I was certainly not using it to prevent becoming pregnant.

My point here is, IUD's do not only prevent pregnancies. All women are not sluts. And yes there may be those women out there who will take advantage of the system ( there always is). I am blessed enough to have insurance that helps me pay for my treatments. I can't imagine how desparate women are that are not fortunate enough to have insurance.


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