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I'm a student at John T Hoggard so I know the types of people these "students" are, I know what type of a person Coach Brown is, and I think that all these ignorant cyncial comments about the school system and teachers are incredibly biased due to the one sided opinion of this horrible written report.

These delinquents are horrible little demons with no respect for anyone, they are impossible to talk to, will randomly promote violence in the hallways and randomly say insulting and uncomfortable things to people they don't know in the hallway. Once I saw a huge (220+ pound) delinquent push a 5'2" freshmen girl who probably weighed 90 pounds at MOST, just because the girl's bookbag made contact with the delinquent. So the guy figured he'd push her violently onto the floor and then said something very insulting to the girl and left.

Coach Brown isn't some sort of authoritize junkie who needs power and physically abuses his children. He does what he does with the sole intention of trying to help these irrepairable children...

These kids are being made as the victims in this report! I can't beleive that all they mentioned was his Ipod being stolen. And to all you un-informed parents out there: If you (Teacher or Student) lay a hand on a delinquent for whatever reason, the others will assault you from behind. I guess its some sort of gang mentality but I know for a fact Coach brown didn't assault these kids. Smacking a ruler on a table to frighten the students? Loud noises seem to be effective to frighten wild animals(these kids aren't that intelligent obviously, no offence), so Coach Brown was probably trying to force these kids into submission by frightening them. That's alot better than using self defence to beat up these kids even more. I think that he did his BEST at attempting to control the situation.

Personally I think these kids should go to a convent. This would give them a whole new reason to fear the ruler, but they would still probably frighten the nuns.

Coach Brown should be praised, these kids needed a beating. This is almost as stupid as the reason Mr. Wright got fired...


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