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Here we go again. We have a good coach with a nice family and a teaching license. He tries to make a difference with young men so they don't end up on the streets of Wilmington and in the NC prison system. How do they repay him? They steal from him. They surround him. They attack him. Hoggard High School is a good high school but even in my children's day, it was full of thugs and wannabe thugs. My daughter was groped by these thugs in the halls every time there was not a teacher around. She had items stolen by these thugs. Half of these morons already have juvenile rap sheets. WHY do we keep giving them more chances? So they can grope more students? Steal from more students? Ruin the careers of good coaches and teachers? When does it stop? Any student who has dealings with the police of any kind should NOT be in our public school classrooms. These "boys" are NOT good kids. They are NOT students. Oh, they may be enrolled but you can bet there is not a teacher at Hoggard High School that will be willing to stand on camera and claim that even one of them has ever made ONE attempt at being any kind of student at all. They go to school, thug their ways through the halls, harrass the girls, tease and bully the small kids, spew hate and vulgarities, STEAL, maybe show up when they feel like it, and now another GOOD TEACHER is going to go down. Oh, and for those idiot do gooders who actually think these kids are redeemable? I'd challenge you to go to the school where my son works where the third, fourth, and fifth grade animals reside and who spend their days attempting to maim, injure, and kill each other daily. His career is being ruined before it ever starts because the animals who are procreating more out of control animals who don't know how to behave in civilized society and HE is accountable for 700 who can't read, can't write, can't spell, can't type, can't be kind, can't be nice, steal, throw, hit, pick chairs up as weapons, use rocks as weapons, brawl, beat, steal, and I'm sure I have forgotten some. I know one thing. I am saving my money because I do not want ONE future grandchild of mine to have to attend a school in a system that has to pretend to educate "students" who we all know are thugs and criminals. STEALING IS A CRIME. I don't care if it is an iPod, a phone, or a CAR. It's a CRIME and criminals do not belong in public schools. Get the THUGS OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS!!! I'm over them and their trashy mouthed "parents" who obviously aren't capable of raising decent, law abiding children. Can we send their parents to jail with them? I hate living here. I really do. There is no way a teacher would be on the line for something like this where I came from. The public would be holding a parade for Coach and shaming their parents who dared show their faces after their children STOLE from the coach trying to help make them better, responsible, law abiding citizens and MEN. Shame on these parents. Shame on those thugs. And shame for every single person blaming this coach.


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