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Fed up

Brown is a straight up PUNK! Those of you that are agreeing with him are PUNK Followers.A grown rusty man hitting teens over a IPOD? If sir punkness can bail out of jail for that amount,his sorry self can buy another IPOD.What's really on that IPOD? Whoever has it,I want to know what's on it.Child porn,undercover gay porn site pics,what could it be? For him to be involved with this young men and then snap like that over a item that cost that little amount of money? Then to risk his career....?? something is on that Ipod that will really ruin his entire life I bet.Cheating on the lawyer wife?? Something isn't right.
To judge these children and throw them under the bus because of their disabilities is a disgrace.What happened to no child left behind? Then to judge a parent on how they are raising a child.Society plays a huge role in raising children as well.When we button up our children's jacket and send them off into the world,all you can do is pray.Children spend majority of their day in school,5 days a week,8 hrs a day...that's a lot of time to be influenced by others,learn from others,look up to others,etc Get what I mean? School life plays a major role in their growth into adults.A GROWN MAN THAT THEY TRUSTED,PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED THEM.You think that will help their future behaviour?? You think he taught them a lesson? No,he helped mold them even more into this pitiful society's box of so called "thugs".He will pay for it,because what is done in the dark will come to the light.He could have chosen another route,but the stupidity that dwelled within him took over and now he has time to think about his dumb actions.These children seem to be the thrown away kids.Kind of like being followed around the store because you look like a thief...meanwhile the old lady on isle 3 is stealing t-bone steaks! yes,judging a book by it's cover.Other students in other classes are not all saints bc they are not in that class.Are you folks even adults? These comments are horrific,you don't have to love these children,because somebody loves them.If coach was so right,he wouldn't have been arrested and suspended.If coach was provoked,he would have something on his body that revealed signs of a struggle.He was out numbered,and it proves these young men were afraid.Flipping over a IPOD,really? There are other ways to punish children,he took the easy way out.Meanwhile,his career is affected and personal life might be too,to hell with his rage/ do not put your hands on others kids.So round up your street thugs,there is always someone badder.What I would give to know what was on that Ipod.tisk tisk Should have left it at home or in the car,classroom is for teaching anyways Coach Brown.People like that sicken me.This will not be let go.
People are so stuck in headlights blind.Reminds me of a rape case that happened in a high school,bc the parents/students thought he was a great teacher they sided with the pedophile.He pleaded guilty and shocked everyone.I bet they felt stupid in the end,and I cannot wait for this truth to come out.Coach Brown is a flat out loser and his faults will come to light.


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