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There is absolutely no way...

...that I would even consider any type ot teaching or coaching position in a public school anywhere! These rotten kids have NO parenting, NO manners, are extremely rude and are completely out of control! There is NO discipline at home, No discipline at school (because the mamby-pamby parents won't allow it!) and zero respect for the teaching/coaching staff. With the disruptive, rude and obnoxious nature of kids these days, I'm surprised anyone takes a career path as a teacher or coach. It's an exercise in futility and is borderline self-abuse! I have a tremendous amount of respect for todays teachers and coaches and believe it to be SHAME they have to put up with the behavior of thse kids and lack of support from their so-called "parents". IF the teachers could spend as much time actually teaching, as they do having to babysit and keep the class in order, we would't have so many ignorant and ill-behaved babies walking around! And you parents wonder WHY your kids live with you until the late 40's? Geeeeez...give me a break!


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