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children these days

I amnot going to say that the kids were thugs but I will say that children these days have absolutely no respect for authority. they have parents that have not done thier job and now they have teenagers that dont know anything other than what they are taught. A kid will curse you out because they know nothing can happen or will happen to them in a school system, but take them around a tougher kid and you wouldnt hear a pin drop. It's funny how we lable a kid by age but yet these kids do not want anyone telling them what to do, they smoke, they drink, they go to night clubs, they hangout all night, they curse like sailors, they have sex, they think and act as if they are already grown but the same parents who have been making excuses for them their whole life can not understand why they have no respect for adults. I understand a parent being upset because their child was hit but these are the same parents getting cursed out at home that are not worth two nickles themselves as parents. it is sad that if you are a teacher and a child accuses you of anything you are automatically wrong regardless of your side of the story.


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