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Hoggard Football Coach

You're so ignorant , I can hardly commprehend it! Let me tell you something about life these days! An 8 year old that is selling drugs will shoot you in the heart faster than you can say, "what"!!
And you take a gang of thugs word over a well seasoned teacher and coach, and you do not even know the circumstances!!
I wish you could put yourselves in his shoes and see what you would have done! I'm sure it probably would have been a lot worse!
But you sorry leaches that exist in our society continue to destroy good people!
That coach is a good man! I'm sure that what he did was justified in a REAL MANS mind!!! And you sorry asses that condemn him deserve the same thing that happened to him!
Why don't you try to be a teacher and deal with the garbage that you try to help, and lets see how you do!!


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