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It was a IPOD for crying outloud! Where is it in the teacher's manual where it says you can assault your students?? The facts on Charles Manson,Mlk,etc are true and comes down to this....THEY WERE ALL ONCE CHILDREN.

MOST OF THESE COMMENTERS ARE COACH BROWN,HIS WIFE,AND THEIR FRIENDS.He built a trust in these children,to then put fear into them.YOUR children probably never told you about things he has done in the past because they are scared.He told them his wife is a lawyer and he will get off.

If his temper is that bad,he needs to work elsewhere.I don't care if the children did provoke him,you can work in elementary school and kids will try you.You as a man and adult...should know better.There are/were other options,

THERE IS SOMETHING ON THAT IPOD,AND I PRAY IT TURNS UP.Risked his entire career over a device he probably had insurance on,costa couple hundred bucks,shouldn't have been in the classroom anyways,and he was able to bail out of jail for that amount?? he can afford a new one,and couldv'e found out who stole it another way.He's a animal,like it or not


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