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Don't whine!

With that temper,,I hope you aren't in the school system too.These children are failed and doomed.So sad! All I hear is complaining,complaining and more complaining.Call me ignorant all you want but the truth hurts.If it's too hot then get out of the kitchen.If you cannot handle the stress of being a damn coach/teacher,then choose another profession.Sit in a collections agency and answer phones all day.Don't present violence to children who are already at risk and need you to guide them into becoming model citizens of society.Children are our future,we are not God and have no heaven or hell to put them in,so who are we to call them trash or predict their future?? You are ignorant to believe that being a coach at a highschool is the hardest job ever.Try working on death row or being a doctor at St.Jude's.I am guessing he took the job because of the challenge.Nothing is easy in life and it does not give any of us the right to assault anyone,especially children.I mean you all really are gonna take up for a guy that snapped and risked his career over a IPOD..a Ipod??? really? There is something on that device Mr.Brown does not want exposed,you think? Or maybe he found it,and feels like stupid now.This entire situation is awful and these ignorant comments justifying a grown man losing his temper at a profession HE chose,is even worse.Brown was wrong and needs to be punished.


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