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Teacher Assistant

First, lets address the Children, regarldess of rather they are in a behavior class or not- they know right from wrong. You DO NOT put your hands on things that do not belong to you... Rather it is one of these students or not Somebody or somebodies knows how has the IPOD. You as a parent should return the IPOD regardless- that shows respect and that teaches your child to do the right thing and make better decisions in life. Also, that stealing is wrong.
Second, the Teacher Assistant was wrong for going to the parents home. In this day and time that is something that you just dont do- beacause these parents today believe everything that their kids say rather its a lie or not. Parenting has truly changed.. He was wrong for hitting them- BUT I know how he felt because there is no support in the school system AT ALL.. Been there done that.. He was wrong for putting his hands on the kids- I agree with that. And its is probably going to cost him his job... But these damn kids can push youover the edge...
Third, lets look at the principle of the issue at hand. The child that stole the IPOD-- You- knew that it wasnt yours!!! And if you took it home and your parent(s) seen it and they knew that they didnt purchase it for you- then they should have questioned you. Your parents should return it to it rightful owners. Now you have all this mess started. Rather you come out now- This is something that you will have to live with the rest of your life. I hope that you have asked God to forgive you.. As well as your parents..
Teacher Assistant- maybe its time for a change.... You need to control your temper... Let this be a lesson to you... Do not take expensive toys in public...


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