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stop it already!

Bottom line,he was fired because he was wrong and was being watched anyway because of previous complaints.You cannot be serious.are you serious? He was surrounded now? lol where are Brown's bruises? Why didn't he report it? Just stop the madness ok.He was out numbered by "thugs" and walked away unharmed right? These kids feared him because he built a trust type of bond with them.Which is all apart of a control freak's manipulation strategy.They are thugs that will roam the streets right,but yet they get up every morning and actually attend school.Wow what a thug these children are.I guess all kids in a "bad kids" class are doomed too right? Just stop it,not every successful person was great from pre-k to adulthood,we all hit ruts in life.No one is perfect! You don't have a heaven or hell to put these children in,so who are you to say where their future lies.Yes,maybe they are at risk children and some have bad reps,but that does not make what Brown did right.What is he teaching children by having a gang of young people fighting battles for him? Brown's horrible ways are just catching up to him.Every bad thing we do in the dark,we will all ONE DAY face in the light.Amen? Goes to show you can manipulate some on this planet,but in life it does not work that way.You cannot manipulate life and what's right/wrong.He may be a good man,with dark issues.No one is perfect and he is paying for it


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