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I mean, really? I could keep going but I don't have the time to link you to the Chris manuals from the coast guard.

I don't need to be hit by the bullet to know when I am being shot at ass wads.

Play how you train. Train like a scrub, play like a scrub. The only reason that WFD even has a regional haz mat response team is because they were the only paid department with in a 9 county response area for a very long time.

You have to have some self respect in order to hold yourself accountable. You have to be a man about things to understand that. What frightens me, is the fact, that neither the city fire chief nor the county fire chief have ever served anywhere as a paid firefighter, ever. So, what is their qualification to be a so called leader in a job they know nothing about? They don't have any experience. College education? Please. You only pay for the name on the degree.

Like all the other Wilmingtonians, I will arm chair quarterback this thing till I turn blue in the face. Seems like, yellow journalism and accusations are enough to call into question someone's ability to lead. Why don't you take some time and review the Yamashita standard or Medina standard. Based upon those standards, we as tax paying citizens, should be able to hold the officer of the first due company, the battalion chief, the fire chief, the deputy city and county managers and the city and county managers liable for burning down the next house or building with in their respective locals, right?

Over 130 years experience and they still don't know squat as a fire department. They even go so far as to honor members of their own department that died, while off duty, with full departmental dress wakes and ceremonies. As about as disrespectful to those, that actually paid the price on the job, as me calling all the dumbasses on the "haz mat" out, right?

Piss off rookies and get to stepping.


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