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Wow! If it is that wonderful an idea there should be no problem finding private investors or having Mandalay pay for it since it is such a great opportunity.If we have to use taxpayer money and one writer said it would only cost $10 per taxpayer why not follow the Carolina Panthers plan and give each taxpayer a personal seat license that they can re-sell. One day Wilmington residents will realize how foolish they have been to continue to re-elect real estate brokers into public office. A recent article in the paper talked about how we have to grow to flourish. Look at the infrastructure and how it is failing. Taxpayers are paying for old sewer and water lines and schools because the developers and realtors have always gotten a low cost ride. Everytime a commercial property turns add 10% for the agents commission and 7% for residential agents. They provide a great service but do the math and see if they are really worth it. Then look at where most of your elected officials live.There is no conversation about any infrastructure improvements in the area and the only real jobs except for cronies is hawking hot dogs and beer. This is a great deal for them and another bad deal for for us. BTW, did you notice that the StarNews article on the convention center never got around to saying how much money it lost and what kind of jobs it actually created?


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