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Well, we ALL have opinions...

...and you've stated yours. Unfortunately, the investors do not come close to agreeing with you. The taxpayers know the city is ALREADY up to their eyeballs in debt and looking at an increase to fund that. They aren't willing to throw a crapload more tax money at some "vision" that has proven unsuccessful in the past. There is zero comparison to the Durham Bulls legacy. Not quite sure of the "Riverfront" hype either, people go to ballparks to watch baseball, not a river. There are a multitude of restaurants that exist soley for that purpose. The additional marina is even more of a joke! Is isn't needed, there is no demand and no attraction to yachters. I also have no idea and have heard nothing about the "commitment to invest millions of dollars" by Mandalay. And believe me, if the popularity of minor league baseball were to fall on its face (as it has and as it may...) Mandalay will pull the cork so fast, it'll make your head spin! We all know what "contracts" mean.

What we have here is a bunch of small fries trying to play big-shots at the expense of the citizens they serve. If I were a city dweller, I would be contacting the best real estate agent I could find and gain exit to stage left! Enough is enough!


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