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From the tone of many of the

From the tone of many of the comments here it is obvious that a small vocal angry group of misogynists from decades past have reared their ugly heads in a final death gasp of hate . The spirits of the dying grip of patriarchy that has strangled the lives of women over the past centuries were present in the room with the New Hanover County 5 when they voted to reject a grant needed by the Women services Dept of the county health dept to meet the needs of county women. The comments of Ted Davis undisputed by the rest of the men in the room belies the fact that it was not just that they lacked the adequate knowledge to make a good decision but also the objectivity, morality and ethics to understand the complexity of the issues involved. This is why we need women in these important roles. Women are less likely to be victims of their own lack of morality and use rigid sterotypical thinking. We need elected officials who trust the scientific process, are able to communicate with professional experts and make commen sense decisions. From now on any candidate will have to be able to prove his or her ability to make clear headed, nonjudgmental ehtical decisions and show evidence of respect for all persons, sexes, races, income levels etc. Any one who thinks they are " making" on their won is in a delusional state. Unless you live in the woods somewhere without heat and electric or water, grow your own food etc you are using public services of some sort. In fact even the computer and TV you are using to take in and spew your ignorance and hate are public services. You think you are paying yur "share" but you are not. You can never trully give back all you have gooten from the society around you and should be grateful and willing to give to future generations. And a special note to Jason Thompson , You are the biggest liar of all saying people were spitting and yelling at you. You truly are not fit for public office if you are that big of a liar. Please don't bother to run again.


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