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Not true, Guesty

It started with LBJ's War on Poverty, which insured multi-generational poverty became a way of life for a quarter of the country.

As long as we pay people to sit on their corpulent bottoms and produce the next generation of societal leeches, requiring no effort, no self-reliance, or no individual responsibility on their part, we cannot get upset when they think that life owes them something. Much like Pavlov and his dogs, we have conditioned them to expect rverything to be handed to them, and we reward them when they breed by giving them more on their EBT card and qualifying them for a larger apartment in public housing.

So it's not that they don't think family planning is their responsibility, it's that they have absolutely no concept of what responsibility even is! Also, don't forget that it's hard to remember that pill when you're still in a drug or alcohol induced fog as you're waking up at noon....and who can remember a condom when you're rushing to time your "peak" with the peak of your crack or meth?

(My apologies to those TANF recipients who don't use drugs....all seven of you)


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