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Property taxes and "Bonds" are two entirely different...

...methods of financing projects. The Durham Bulls have always been investor supported, never by taxpayers. The minor league team has played in Durham for over a hundred years, the majority of that on the small, inner city field where the patrons walked to the games and got in for a dime. If the city would start out like that here to find what success will occur, they could save a lot of trouble OR could find a sparkling jewel. If the jewel is discovered, THEN spend 20 million on a fancy park (Guess what? Investor will be all over it at that point!). The method the city is using to force this park is a set up for disaster.

I lived in Durham for a few years, other that the RTP and Duke University/Medcal Center, Durham is nothing but a stinking ghetto riddled with crime and drug activity!


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