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Exactly - It isn't

Exactly - It isn't conicidental that the minor league team with the best attendance in teh country comes from an area the size of the Triangle, which has no major league team anywhere nearby.

I just can't get over how a group of council members who pledged not to raise taxes, just change their minds like that. Just shows how politicians of any party will pretty much say anything to get elected. I hope the same thing happens to them that happened to Bush the first when he broke his "read my lips, no new taxes" pledge.

I still own a vacation home and pay taxes in Wilmington, but live in Charlotte. Our city had a ballot measure for the citizens to vote on spending money on a light rail line. It was overwhelmingly voted down - the people didn't want to pay for it. So the city diverted funds from other areas and built it anyway, with the council's blessing, completely thumbing their noses at the taxpayers. Politicians just do as they d__n well please.


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