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He broke into two houses,

He broke into two houses, didnt steal anything, was on an illegal drug that he is probabally addicted to, and he was indecently exposing himself in public. So tell me what to do you think is the best scenario for this 20 year old kid? the death sentence? 10 years? The problem is that drugs just like prescription drugs are addicting, once a person tries them, they cannot just stop taking them. Good kids, celebrities, leaders of our Country have all been guilty of the same crime. There is no cheap solution but jail wont help him, only rehab or a drug prevention will. We the taxpayers foot the bill either way. He will spend some time in jail but what he needs is help. I am sure his drug free self would not have ran naked down Forest Hills or broken into any houses. Everybody makes mistakes... so nanner I hope he does get a light sentence AND the help he needs! Jirge


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