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Nice to assume!

How can you say that this kid wouldn't have broken into any houses if he weren't tripping on acid? Do you know him or his criminal history? As far as acid being addictive...since when? If acid is addictive then one would have to accept that marijuana is as well. Your body will QUICKLY get a tolerance to LSD and the more frequently you use it the less it will affect you, if at all.

I agree the kid does need help but, he also needs to be held accountable for his actions. Punish his crimes then get him some help. Not taking responsibility for his actions won't help anything.

Judging from his booking photo he looks like a somewhat normal kid. I tend to wonder why he would be dropping acid alone? That is normally a drug that is used as a group. Rarely do you run across people tripping alone. Makes me wonder if he really was alone or if maybe someone ditched him in that area after he started acting up.


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