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If it bleeds, it leads ...

... or in this case, if it's pink it stinks. If the media called this product "lean finely textured beef" instead of "pink slime" or didn't use photo-shopped pictures like the one with this article showing goopy pink stuff going into a meat grinder I suspect there would be little reaction, if any, to LFTB. The media's objective is to sell news articles, and in this case, they've done a good job of doing that.
- LFTB is essentially leftover trimmings with the fat melted away and then finely chopped. The scary part is that it's treated with ammonium hydroxide (ammonia and water) to kill off potential bacteria. Used properly, it's as safe as the ingredients in a vitamin pill. Huge lists of store-bought products include ammonium hydroxide. It also occurs naturally in many food products.
- The real problem is that is has diminished actual food value and is really just a filler used for economic reasons. That's a good reason for schools not to feed it to growing children. LFTB-free products do cost more though, and that could be a problem these days. I personally grind my own beef but that can be both a budget and equipment problem for a lot of people. If I had to choose between eating ground beef with LFTB or eating no ground beef at all, I would probably eat it. That of course is just my own personal opinion.
- Having taken far too long to make it, my point is that the current LFTB hoopla has essentially been a media created event with a small amount of genuine concern used as a blasting cap to blow it up into something bigger. No one is trying to poison school kids, they're just selling food that's not as good as it should be. If we really want something food-related to panic about, perhaps we should start focusing on genetically modified foods, especially corn.


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