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Safety is a mindset...

...and if cyclists want to take the chance of having their backs to 55 to 70 mph traffic whizzing by them only inches away, it's THEIR call. I wouldn't do it and I wouldn't recommend it. Everday in my travels from southern NHC to the northern part, I witness multiple distracted drivers incoherently navigating our roadways. I see lane drifters, shoulder drifters, texters and constant cell phone use. Even spotted and undercover officer texting 2 days ago, oblivious to his surroundings, including me riding next to him while observing him.
The need to a ride bicycle in a known, unsafe environment is a "chance" the spandex warriors continue to take and add to that chance by riding abreast and sometimes swaggering out of the bike path. It's the bicyclists decision, their risk and their assumption of consequences. The potential consequences are very, very heavy! It's a free world out there. Everybody has full authority to make as big of an idiot out of themselves as they feel the need to.


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