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Convention Center / Ballpark

For all you naysayers..if you guys hate our area leadership so much, can't afford the taxes and don't have good paying jobs, why don't you do us all a favor and move. Sell your homes to people that know what a world class area this city can be if we allow our elected officials to do their jobs. I am a Wilmington native and have seen area residents fight change since I can remember.

In my previous job, I booked events for a large corporation that was based here. Every year, I was forced to have my conventions in other cities, because there was not a space large enough in Wilmington to hold my event. My budget was approximately $350,000 for 4 days. Yes, I spent $350,000 on my convention, and that does not include what my guests spent while they were in town. It made me sick that our hometown could not host the event. Now, those same events are held here, Finally! Convention Centers rarely make money, but they allow hundreds, thousands of other businesses to prosper, which in turn increases the tax base and off-sets the burden of the convention center, placing cities budgets bottom line back in the black. But, obviously none of you have ever owned or operated a business, so this probably makes no sense so you.
As far as the ballpark, it is NOT just a ballpark. It will be an entertainment complex, where finally, Wilmington can have large concerts and events that we have never seen here. The Atlanta Braves and Mandalay have a proven track record. Do your homework, NO city ballparks are ever funded by the team. If we ever want to get something of this nature, the city / county will have to come up with the funds. But, look closely at the benefits. You can find the power point from the city council meeting on the city website.
I applaud our elected officials for doing their due diligence on this endeavor. I would be furious if they were not at least looking into the idea. We elected them to make decisions on behalf of this potentially great city, and they are doing the job they were elected to do!


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